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Cole is the son of Jesse & Rayne. He is a big boy, and weighs around 78#'s Cole shows a lot of drive in the field. He loves to please, and will hunt tirelessly. We see a lot of his fathers influence in him. Cole will range out a good 60 yards or so, but does check back in, and regroups. Coles hips are rated GOOD by the OFA

Orange Belton English Setter Jesse


 Jesse is a very laid back, calm & quiet in the home. He loves attention, and is very loving. He is always willing to go pick up things for you, (the remote, phone, a shoe etc.) and bring them to you if you ask. His first job in the morning is going out after the paper, which he seems to look forward to. He has a very strong, natural retrieving sense. He hunts very hard, and holds a range of about 40-60 yards, checks back often, and quarters very nicely. Jesse has proved to be an excellent grouse dog as well, and was pointing them the first time out.  Jesse weighs 72 lbs. His hips have been rated "Good" by the O.F.A


Female Orange English Setter


 Maggie is very athletic and light on her feet in the field. She is very fast and can cover a lot of ground in short amount of time.  Her range is between 40 & 60 Yards, she checks back often and has a very soft mouth when retrieving. Maggie weighs 50 lbs. Her hips are rated "GOOD" by the O.F.A. At home she loves nothing more then to just lay around on our bed, or sit next to you on the couch.


Blue Belton English Setter Molly



 Molly has a very confident attitude and shows alot of drive, and is a very quick learner. She loves to explore and has a very stylish point. At home, she is a very calm, sweet, & loving dog. Molly weighs right around 50 lbs.

Blue English Setter Rayne



Rayne is a very  sweet, & gentle girl. She loves to please! She has a big classic, Ryman head for a female. Rayne is  calm and loving in the house, but gets very excited to go a field. She weighs around 60-65 lbs.


Rayne's hips are rated "GOOD" by the O.F.A.


Hannah is light on her feet, and is very agile in the field. Hannah has amazing prey drive, She loves hunting and stalking about anything that she can. She is a very intelligent girl, and we're looking forward to getting her on lots of birds. Hannah weighs about 48 lbs. and is rated "GOOD" by the O.F.A.


Remi is one of the most calm, and biddable dogs we've seen. He is stunning in the field, and moves very fluently. He is the perfect example of a "Dual-Type" Setter.

Remington weighs 75 lbs. and his hips are rated "EXCELLENT" by the O.F.A.



Paige is a very calm girl, and has a sweet & loving disposition. She has alot of natural ability, and loves working as a team. Her pedigree includes some very old, classic Ryman hunting lines. Paige weighs around 50 lbs. and her hips are rated "GOOD" by the OFA.


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