Round River Setters Sales Agreement and Guarantee

A deposit of $150.00 is required to hold/reserve a puppy from Round River Setters. The deposit will be applied towards the total purchase price for puppies picked up from our Home. The deposit is non-refundable, except if a puppy of the desired sex or color is unavailable. Or they may wait until the next available litter. The purchaser will be provided with the puppy’s registration papers, with the kennel name prefix "Round River". The purchaser selects the remainder of the name.

The breeder guarantees puppies to:
1. Be healthy when they leave the breeders kennel.
2. To have the genetic potential to be a gun dog.
3. To be free of Hip Dysplasia at 27 months of age as determined by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

The guarantee entitles the purchaser if the dog is considered Dysplastic by the OFA, to a new puppy from the next available litter upon the transfer of the registration papers back to the breeder and proof the dog was spayed or neutered. The breeder is not liable for cost associated with any treatment of a purchased dog unless agreed upon in writing by the breeder and in lieu of providing a replacement puppy.

*Round River Setters reserves the right for a Breeders choice-pick, before all subsequent puppies are chosen.

* Round River Setters reserves the right to cancel a contract at any time before final sale, and refund deposit to the buyer.

Sex Choice (circle one):     Male          Female       or       Either Sex

Color Choice (circle):      Orange            Blue            Tri-Color           Any Color

Deposit Amount__________________ Remainder Price Due At Pick-Up_____________________________

Purchaser (Print) _________________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________________State ___________________Zip_____________

Telephone (_____) ___________________E-mail _______________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________________________Date: __________________

Please make checks payable to Shelley or Scott Gillis 904 Franklin St. Burlington, Iowa 52601

Paid In Full Amt.____________________________ Date: ___________________________________

Breeders Signature____________________________________________________________________________________